September Me is the yearly chamber music festival of Amersfoort. Ragazze Quartet, who curate the festival, do so with a fresh and contemporary outlook. Each year a colourful and wondrous programme is put together, with a lot of attention for upcoming artists who are about to break through internationally.

Musicians who search for the boundaries in traditional classical music making and who connect music with theatre, film and other art disciplines are invited to perform in Flint (Amersfoort), the buzzing centre of the festival. Audience and performers alike can enjoy delicious snacks, meals and drinks there, and of course the exceptional side programming that varies each year too.

For people who are unable to visit regular concerts we organise concerts under the name September Me Meer (September Me More). In this way the festival brings music to people in rest homes and hospitals. The Ragazze Quartet teaches several chamber music ensembles in the running up to the festival, who then set out to play these little concerts throughout Amersfoort.

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